Like most people I looked on internet and found www.grantassist.com. It stated for a $2.97 shipping charge I would get a cd.

About 10 days later I recieved it. I recieved my credit card account and there was a charge of $57.93 on it. I filed a complaint with Capital One my credit card.

I recieved a letter from them saying they did not see anything wrong with the charge. I feel that Capital One and other card companies must be in on this scam.

People who have been scammed by this and other companies should start standing up to them.

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They got me too but I received nothing from them other than the access to the website. No packet ever came but I got stuck with a 58.39 charge under the name zbelley.com.

I'm going to get my money back or die trying. I'm going to dog them across the internet and back.

This is ***! :(


they got me too

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